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Six Human Need to Satisfy to Build Better and Healthy Relationships

Strong relationships are key to healthy and happy life. People with healthy relationships have shown to have increased happiness, they have a better physical health and are less stressed. At the end of everything, the most important thing in life is your personal relationship. Good quality relationships increase your resilience, happiness and protect you from stress, anger, depression and other related affiliations.

Mature and fulfilling relationships are based on the concept of win-win – be it friendly or romantic. All parties work to bring their best and leave out their worst. they put a key focus on nurturing their relationship, spending time together, having an open communication and avoiding pointing fingers.

Ideally, there are six fundamental and essential needs that all humans share. Each of us puts these needs according to our core values. Once you have identified which needs matter most to your partner, you will understand how to communicate better in order to satisfy them.

  1. Certainty

The need for certainty drives us to seek out pleasure and avoid stress, pain and emotional risks. The first thing your partner needs is certainty – how secure they feel in the relationship. As humans, we find a feeling of safety and absolute comfort in different things. You need to be open with your partner on issues that give them certainty and what gives them a sense of stability.

  1. Variety

The second human need affecting communication and relationships is the need for variety. Every relationship needs a form of healthy challenge that allows partners to grow together. As you grow together, you will find having variety in different things keeps the relationship fun and exciting.

  1. Significance

The third human need is significance. As humans, we all need to feel unique and important. To achieve this need, communication is key because your partner will need to understand that you absolutely need them. They need assurance that they fully satisfy and fulfill your needs in a way that only them can. You need to demonstrate this to your partner, through actions and not just words. You can do so through a loving touch, spending quality time with them, offering them every inch of support whenever they need it most, among others.

  1. Connection and love

The forth essential human need is connection and love. Every person needs to have a sense of connection with others. Effective communication in relationships makes us know we are loved and its absence causes pain. You need to consciously demonstrate to your partner that you love them every day. You need to learn how to improve communication in relationships and this is the language of love.

  1. Growth

The fifth essential human need is growth. As humans, we need to grow, else our relationships become stale. We always yearn to evolve along as our paths of interest differ and grow every day. We need growth in different areas including intellectual, emotional, spiritual among others

  1. Contribution

The sixth and final human need is contribution and giving. The secret to living a happy life is giving. We draw our source of meaning from contribution as it determines who we become and solidifies our meaning.

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