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How to Be Popular in Any Group

What is the hidden principle behind why some people are so popular? What do they possess or do differently that others don’t? A popular person can be defined as someone who is admired, loved, and appreciated, and is someone who others want to hang out with.

One of the deepest human needs is the desire to feel important. When you go through a lot in life, building self-confidence and trying to make others feel important and valued, they will definitely like you, welcome you and open doors for you. This basic principle is the foundation of being popular both on a professional and personal level.


If you would like to be popular in any group, here is what you need to do.


Smile in every interaction

Every person needed to be valued and accepted without any conditions, judgment, or criticism. One of the simple ways to express unconditional positive regard is by smiling. You need to express an open, honest, and happy face to warm people’s hearts and make them feel important. This will in turn cause them to unconsciously like you from the very moment.


Say Thank you

You need to learn how to say thank you, early and often. Everyone needs to be appreciated for something or anything valuable they do. Saying thank you expresses the emotion of appreciation and belonging and increases the desire of the other person to want to help you more anytime you need their help.

Give genuine compliments

Anytime you are in admiration of the possessions, accomplishments, and traits of others, give them genuine compliments. Doing so makes them automatically feel more important and valuable. You may admire people’s choices in clothing, cars, hairstyles, etc. You may admire their houses and apartments. Anytime you compliment a person on something they have invested their time and emotion in achieving, you instantly boost their self-esteem and self-image, and as a result, they find you to be charming.


Give praise

You need to give praise and often approve good deeds generously. Whenever someone does anything that is worth, express it out and tell them how good they are and what an awesome job they have done. This will work well towards building their self-confidence and self-esteem. When you praise your children, spouse, or coworkers, you make them feel important and wanted, and they will always want to be associated with you.


Give full attention

People will feel valuable and important to the extent that they are accepted, attended to, and listened to. When the other person is talking, listen to them closely, and notice how their self-esteem goes high. Always pay value to a person by actively listening to them. If you are having a conversation, be part of the chat by actively listening attentively and giving your contributions as well. In everything you do, and the people you interact with, show respect. People will mostly treat you the way you treat them and would want you to feel the same way you made them feel.

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