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How to Set Priorities in the Most Efficient Manner

One of the biggest challenges we are faced with every day is deciding on which tasks to act on, which ones to delegate and which ones to work on another day. The whole aspect of planning requires careful consideration of different factors such as time, urgency, competence among others. The best and most efficient way to tackling tasks is through prioritization, which deals with deciding on the most important tasks, even when everything on your list seems crucial.

If you are looking forward to understanding how to set priorities in the most efficient manner, here are sure ways to go about it.


List all your tasks

The first step to efficient prioritization is consolidating all your tasks into a single source. Your tasks will come from different demands and sources. You need to compile a master list that contains all the tasks that need to be worked on, as well as their urgency.


Analyze your task list

The second and most important step is to go through your list and review each task. Decide on what you want to do with each task. You may decide to complete the task now, complete it later, assign it to someone else or remove it from your list. Any task that will take less than two minutes to complete should be done right away. Doing so presents you with a quick way to narrow down your list. Another way to work is delegating. Trust and assign tasks to others, as doing so will help free more time for you to work on other tasks.


Use relevant prioritization

It is important to categorize your tasks with the use of the priority matrix. Priority matrix came about from Steven Covey and consists of four quadrants. Any task that is urgent and important falls on quadrant one and should be done right away. Anything that is is not urgent but important falls on the second quadrant and should be done later. Anything that is urgent and not important falls on the third quadrant and should be delegated. Any task that is not urgent and not important should be discarded.


Prepare tasks for each day

For efficient productivity, you need to make a prioritized task list for each day. It may be relatively easy to list your tasks if they are static. However, if you are adding several to-dos on your list every day, it may become another task to re-prioritize your tasks. If you have to manage a lot of incoming tasks, it is important to make a prioritized list each morning, of all the things you plan to do that day.


Pick a single thing to focus on

We live in a very demanding world and chances of getting overwhelmed by tasks are always very high. If you find yourself struggling to get anything done, pick a single task, and focus on it only. It could be a big task you really want to get done, or it could be a task you have been postponing. When you decide to focus only on one task, you put every energy and resources on the task until it is completed successfully.

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