4 Levels of Customer Satisfaction to Build Customer Loyalty

At the center of customer loyalty and experience is customer satisfaction. If sales is the engine that drives businesses, then customer satisfaction is the fuel. The ability of a towing service, e-commerce, banking, tech, or any other business to satisfy its customers is one of the single biggest determinants of success in driving sales and growing businesses.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, four key levels determine how a customer feels about business and determines the prosperity of a business. The higher the level you achieve, the more you build customer loyalty, with the outcome being a greater success for your business.

  1. Meet Customer Expectations

Meeting customer expectations is the minimum requirement required to stay in business and survive the competition. At this basic level, your customers have no complaints and are satisfied with what you offer them. If a competitor comes and demonstrates they can do more than just meeting customer expectations, your customers become ex-customers. If you fail to meet the expectations of your customers, they will leave and find someone else.

  1. Exceed customer expectations

The second level is exceeding customer expectations, which is a higher level of customer satisfaction. It is a level that goes beyond what customers expect. There will be a fast and friendly service that is followed by a phone call to ensure everything is alright. If you have a product or service, it is cut above your competitors. With this level of customer satisfaction, it will move your business beyond mere survival to giving you an edge over your competitors backed by customer loyalty. Since you have exceeded the expectations of your customers, they are willing to pay more, hence more profitability.

  1. Delight your customers

This level of customer satisfaction not only exceeds their expectations but also brings a smile to their face. Customers served at this level are truly delighted. The basic needs of the customer have been met, exceeded, and have been truly touched on an emotional level. It becomes increasingly difficult for competitors to pry on customers who have experienced this level. If you are able to delight your customers, you are on another level to creating a remarkable and exceptional, highly profitable business. There are many ways to delight customers, but the top of the list is to show that you fully care about them.

  1. Amaze your customers

The fourth and highest level of customer satisfaction is amazing your customers. It is a level that will propel your business that no competitor can match. This level requires you, not only to meet and exceed their expectations but also to bring happiness to their face, delight them, and truly amaze them. If you can meet this level consistently, then you set yourself to dominate the marketplace and achieve remarkable rates of profitability and growth. Customers will ditch their providers and come to you. They will want to be associated with you. Look at what companies such as Apple do to their customers as that defines this level.

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