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Ways to Show Gratitude and Be Thankful

Think of a time you told someone how grateful you were for their help or support, or just being there for you. How did that moment make you feel? I have particularly seen a lot of my towing service clients express gratitude for helping them when they needed roadside services most. The expression of sincere gratitude is one that spikes an expression of joy, completeness and fulfillment.

Gratitude is a complex aspect that attracts multiple definitions. If we work towards incorporating gratitude in our day to day lives, it can have a lasting positive impact. The more gratitude we give, the more resistance we develop to negativity and the happier and contented in life we become. Gratitude is good for your overall well-being, your relationships and your physical health.


From research, we get to learn that expressing gratitude is different from one person to the next. This difference is deeply rooted in our brains, personalities and genes. However, if you are looking forward to learn ways in which you can express gratitude, here is how to go about it.


Say Thank You

The basics of expressing gratitude lies in a simple act of saying thank you. It may seem trivial, but always show your appreciation after accepting any gift, or receiving anything valuable from anyone. A gift may be anything, be it an item, advice, praise, etc. Saying thank you reiterates he grateful and thankful you are.


Write a note

Some of the most meaningful and effective ways of showing gratitude is through sending a handwritten thank you note. Emailed and spoken thank you messages are quite common, but it is rare to send a note, a handwritten one, expressing gratitude. Such a note spikes differently, and evokes a feeling of true happiness and ingenuity. The value of a handwritten thank you note is far more valuable than any other form of communication. Any message you write need to be simple and straight to the point, and express your sincere self.


Send out social media shoutout

We are living in a digital era and the world is more connected than ever. Instead of sending a voice call or email, you may decide to do things a little bit different. If you want to express gratitude to someone and they are on social media, you can compose a genuine message and tag them on social media. This message will have a lot of depth in terms of gratitude because the world will see it.


Send a small gift

Another way of expressing gratitude is sending someone something meaningful in form of a gift. Anything meaningful is something that has a clear meaning, attracts an expression, emotion or idea, and has a real importance or value. research on what they love and come up with a gift related to what they love. The whole point of sending a gift is not just sending a gift, but sending something that shows you have taken an extra step and that you truly value them, and what they did for you.

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